Q: Is the chain sharpened or does it need to be sharpened before use?

A: The chain is ready for use after a 24-hour soak in bar & chain oil and does not require sharpening.


Q: What type of oil do I put in the chainsaw/pole saw oiler?

A: Bar & chain oil is recommended.


Q: Can any bar & chain oil be used for the saw?

A: Yes. Any kind of bar & chain oil applies, and we suggest to use thinner oil during winter because it won't get sticky, so it will lubricate the chain in cold temperatures more effectively.


Q: Do I use the same bar & chain oil to soak the chain and fill the tank?

A: Yes, you should use the same bar & chain oil to do both.


Q: Is the string trimmer single string or dual string?

A: Litheli 20V 12" Cordless String Trimmer features a single 0.065" line spool. Litheli 40V 14" 2-in-1 Cordless String Trimmer features a dual line bump feed with strong & durable 0.080" diameter twisted line.

Q: Does the hedge trimmer come with a sheath to cover the blade?

A: Yes, it comes with a sheath for blade storage and user protection.




Q: The battery only lasts 30 minutes on mine. Is the battery defective?

A: Actual powering time varies according to your workload. To extend the powering time, we recommend that you can get a spare battery on standby. Our 4.0Ah battery offers around twice the working time as 2.0Ah models.


Q: My Litheli battery does not work. What's wrong with it?

A: Check the battery status first. Connect the charger with the mains and install the battery onto the charger. If the charger blinks red and green, the battery may be defective. Please contact our customer support.


Q: Does the same battery power all Litheli tools?

A: No. Litheli 20V battery is compatible with the whole 20V Litheli power tool series, regardless of the battery capacity (ampere hour). But Litheli 20V battery does NOT work with any of Litheli 40V power tools. The same goes for Litheli 40V battery.


Q: Can the battery be left on the charger?

A: To ensure safety and long battery life, itʼs strongly recommended DISCONNECT and REMOVE battery from charger when battery is not in use or finishes charging.


Q: How to store the battery when not in use?

A: For longer battery life and safer storage, it is recommended disconnecting the battery from the tool and storing it in a dry and safe place at room temperature and out of children’s reach. Direct sunlight and direct contact with metal objects should also be avoided. And to ensure long-term performance, you’d better charge the battery once every month when not use.


Q: Would I be able to use battery of other brands with Litheli tools?

A: Litheli tools are only compatible with Litheli Lithium-ion battery packs. Batteries of other brands are not recommended, and Litheli does not offer warranty service for any damages or malfunctions resulted from the use of such batteries.


Q: Can I recharge my Litheli battery pack with other chargers?

A: A battery pack can only be recharged with the charger recommended by the manufacturer. Using a charger with an incompatible battery pack may result in a fire hazard.


Q: How do I install the product or are there any installation guide videos?

A: You can subscribe our official YouTube channel @LitheliWorld and watch the installation and operation guide videos of various products we posted.



Q: How long is the warranty period?

A: Litheli is offering a standard 3-year warranty + an extended 2-year warranty on the tool, and a standard 1-year warranty + an extended 2-year warranty on the battery & charger. Extended warranties are available with product registration. See our Warranty Policy here.


Q: Do I need to register to take advantage of the warranty?

A: Litheli is offering 2 types of warranties: standard and extended. The standard warranty is automatically activated upon purchase; the extended warranty is available only with product registration. For warranty claims, you also have to register your product. Register your product here.


Q: How do I contact after-sales service?

A: You can feel free to contact us at or (800) 323-8991 whenever you have questions or confusions.